LKCE is organized industrial visit on 27/2/2017 for ECE & EEE students at 400 K-V power plant Muradnagar. | Don't let pressure set a hold of you , stand strong with focus and calmness !! good luck students for your exams. | Accomplished CAD/CAM Training Program. | Recruitment Drive by Ocean Casting Pvt. Ltd | Auto-Cad Training for ME Students. | Running Aptitude Training for 4th Year Students. | Completed Training on Website Design | LIST OF OUR PLACED STUDENTS WITH PACKAGE DETAILS |

About the Course

The 5 programs in the field of engineering are of 4 years duration, consisting of 8 semesters, and is one of the best engineering college in Delhi/NCR region to study B.Tech. The first year has basic sciences in its syllabus, followed by emphasis on the core subject one has chosen, and a project to be submitted in the final year.

Computer science & engineering-120 seats

Computer engineers are trained in Electronic Engineering, Software Design and hardware-software integration. This field of engineering not only focuses on how computer systems work but also how they are integrated into the components of a system, In addition to learning the technicalities of writing tits & bits of software language, students are also involved in firms for embedding micro controllers, designing VLSI chips, designing analog sensors, designing mixed signal circuit boards, designing operating systems and robotics research. The research work relies heavily on using digital systems to control and monitor electrical systems such as motors, communications and sensors. Undoubtedly, LKCE is one of the Top B.Tech college in India to study Computer science & engineering.

Electronics and electrical engineering-120 seats
It is next to impossible to imagine our world without electricity, with heavy dependence on electricity, be it for lighting a bulb or running our mobiles or the television. One of the core subjects of utmost importance in today’s world. Electrical Engineering focuses on the generation, control, saving and application of electricity. This is a combination of electronics and electromagnetism in terms of study & research and it deals with control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. So, come here to LKCE, one of the Top B.Tech college in India to study the important Electrical engineering course.

Mechanical engineering- 120 seats
Mechanical Engineering is a core engineering discipline, the concepts of which are prerequisite for every other branch of engineering as rightly reflected by the curriculum framed by reputed universities all over the world. This is precisely the reason for many mechanical engineers to occupy responsible positions practically in every field of activity.

Civil Engineering-60 seats
Civil engineering, one of the core subjects to study in this fast developing world &fastest developing nation. Civil engineers are the building blocks of a growing nation where nothing can be done without infrastructure. In doing so, they silently shape the history of nations around the world. A developing nation is unimaginable without the contributions of civil engineers from building hospitals to building office spaces to bridges, roads, and definitely maintaining the safety and standard of the above. One requires vision, patience and perseverance which are the topmost priorities here at LKCE, tagged as one of the best engineering colleges in Delhi/NCR region India to study civil engineering.