LKCE is organized industrial visit on 27/2/2017 for ECE & EEE students at 400 K-V power plant Muradnagar. | Don't let pressure set a hold of you , stand strong with focus and calmness !! good luck students for your exams. | Accomplished CAD/CAM Training Program. | Recruitment Drive by Ocean Casting Pvt. Ltd | Auto-Cad Training for ME Students. | Running Aptitude Training for 4th Year Students. | Completed Training on Website Design | LIST OF OUR PLACED STUDENTS WITH PACKAGE DETAILS |

Chairman Desk

“The tribe often thinks the visionary has turned his back on them. When, in fact, the visionary has simply turned his face to the future.” 

Mr. J. S. Srivastav is the Chairman of LKCE, A true visionary.

An eminent academician with multitude of experience in academics and administration Mr. J. S. Srivastav has been a source of inspiration since his association with the college. Over the period of time he has continuously interacted with the teachers to ensure that the college maintains a holistic approach to learning. He emphasized on increasing student-teacher interaction and introduced tutorial classes for slow learners.

His dedication, hard work and perseverance evolved LKCE as one of the Top Engineering and MBA college in India. He has a vision for quality higher education, and generous towards students in his endeavors to make "LORD KRISHNA Group of Institutions” as the top-notch institution in the fields of engineering, technology and management. He applies the policy of dedication  which makes him capable of attaining success at the very start. Someone has rightly said, ”Actions speak louder than words”, same goes with Mr. J. S Srivastav, strives perfection at each & every step. It’s his hard work, dedication, perseverance which has made a dream college like Lord Krishna College of Engineering into a reality.

The ongoing era is full of challenges for the professional education system. Students need to enjoy the process of learning with teachers as a part of their journey. Today's education system should be able to meet the exceptionally high expectations of students and the demand and supply of the global market. The conscience of having done a splendid action in itself is a sufficient reward. The world as we know it is in the process of an unprecedented transformation from a fragmented society to an integrated global environment. In order to achieve excellence and gain competitive edge, we at Lord Krishna Group of Institutions, take extreme care for the need to provide not only good but also exceptional, pedagogical, scholastic and practical curriculum to our budding professionals. It is my humble hope and prayer that this centre of light and learning will produce students who will not only be intellectually equal to the best of their fellow students, but also will live a noble life of high moral values, and will add valuable innovative ideas to achieve excellence in the corporate world.


Mr. J.S. Srivastava
Lord Krishna College of Engineering