LKCE is organized industrial visit on 27/2/2017 for ECE & EEE students at 400 K-V power plant Muradnagar. | Don't let pressure set a hold of you , stand strong with focus and calmness !! good luck students for your exams. | Accomplished CAD/CAM Training Program. | Recruitment Drive by Ocean Casting Pvt. Ltd | Auto-Cad Training for ME Students. | Running Aptitude Training for 4th Year Students. | Completed Training on Website Design | LIST OF OUR PLACED STUDENTS WITH PACKAGE DETAILS |
Best MBA Colleges in Delhi/NCR, India

About the Course

The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program offered at LKCE's Ghaziabad campus is one of the best as of its kind in India. The world economy is growing at a faster rate & the boundaries are getting reduced at much faster rate. Customers and competitors are no longer limited to the geography that surrounds them. In fact, many businesses are no longer operated from brick & mortar structures.

In this complex setup, a manager needs to manage each and every task in a smooth manner. For many, the MBA program continues to be the cornerstone for success. MBA programs have supplemented a core of business courses, with a growing number of electives, concentrations and areas in which a MBA student can specialize  in. In our MBA program case studies comprise a great portion of the classroom pedagogical experience which is a reflection of what is taking place in the market place. These are some of the qualities that make LKCE’s MBA as one of the best investments a person can make in. Needless to say our students are very well equipped with these qualities, have done very well in placements. MBA educational experience at Lord Krishna College of Engineering provides each MBA student with a tremendous opportunity to network, which is not limited to fellow students, but includes training and placement opportunities, drawing upon a highly qualified faculty, and connecting to the alumni ranks. This makes our MBA degree, a good and comfortable fit for almost anyone and rightly tagged as one of the best MBA colleges of India.